Forex/BTC Automated trade

Autotrading isn’t that hard. Using TradingView charting can give traders the confidence to engage in trading with proven back tested results, as well as the option to trade when there is no available time, sufficient knowledge or experience.

You can execute trades without being there

In this article I really want to highlight how its possible to execute a trade with bitcoin and forex using the platforms TradingView and 1broker. I’ve also included a strategy that I implemented with reference to a chart analysis. In this case it was a really profitable trade.

Analyze Trends with TradingView

For trading ideas, TradingView has tons of them. Its a great platform for experienced traders, and a great platform for newcomers to learn a bit about how to analyze trends.


An Example Trade

This trade was published April 26th from user tntsunrise. You can see a lot of charts and analysis traders make, and also press that play button to see how their trades play out that way you can see how accurate predictions are.


Before we start talking about the setup instructions, make sure you register for accounts on 1broker and tradingview. The process is very easy, and you need to have eventually premium or a purchased package from tradingview, pending a trial.

TradingView Setup

  1. Once that is all started. You can move to TradingView and click the chart button to create a chart of your own.
  2. Select EURUSD from the dropdown top left
  3. Here we need to setup the alert
  4. The alert is simple to setup. Just go to the dropdown and select click crossing or Less Than and in this example we use 1.214
  5. Click create and you’re done!
  • Congratulations now you have a buy alert that will trigger when its time to trade.

Connecting AutoView to Automate the Trade

In these next steps we connect TradingView to 1Broker through a chrome add-on called AutoView.

  1. Go to and setup AutoView through their instructions.
  2. Once installed you need to add the API from 1broker.
    1. To add the API go to and generate a API token
    2. Once you have one, go to the AutoView add-on that now should be installed top right and add the key under the 1Broker Exchange column. Be sure to purchase any subscriptions you need. Remember to click Save Accounts.

Writing the Commands

  1. Now that everything is setup. Make sure you use the test credentials to verify everything is working. I also recommend doing a test fire which I will mention in a bit.
  2. Go back to your chart you created and navigate to the alert. You can also click the Alarm Clock icon on the right side anywhere on the TradingView website
  3. Edit the Message field of the alert by clicking the cog icon beside your created alert and write in the command which should look something like this to spend 20% of your equity in 1broker.
     e=1broker s=eurusd l=200 y=equity b=long q=20% 
    t=market a=[WhateverYouNamed]
  4. Click save and you’re now ready! If you want to check if the alert fires. You can simply just set the alert to fire right now. E.g. fire when EURUSD is under $20000. You might collect an exchange fee to see that it executes but the fees are very insignificant. Be sure to also obviously deposit funds into your 1Broker account.

In this Trade I successfully made over 250% on 200 margin, and even more later on. Not every trade allows for such high margin, the stocks usually go up to around 15x and commodities go up to 50. I also recommend setting up alerts for stop losses and take profits.