Automatic Trading

Just a very brief guide on how I set up automatic trading with TradingView + AutoView

1. Setup an account with TradingView. TradingView lets you make charts and see graphs on most popular crypto trading platforms as well as other typical exchanges.
2. Setup and purchase any subscriptions on AutoView to the crypto exchanges you use. Check out the FAQ on AutoView for the syntax.

In my opinion there are two ways that may easily let you setup easy methods for trading with the above tools.

1. Using the Charts and manually configuring alerts. A lot of traders post ideas on how to trade a lot of cryptocurrencies and stocks online. You can see where they mention buy points and sell points, at the top of each chart image of each post. You can add alerts to automate certain tasks such as buy when this value exceeds this point and vice versa. Its a pretty easy way to do buys and sells.

2. Finding a strategy and adapting a study to deliver alerts and automation. On TradingView there are strategies and studies.

Strategies allow you to back test certain scripts to see how much profit you would’ve made. I need to make note that there are bugs in doing this with the way TradingView allows strategies to use data not available. In the groups I’ve been in, we call this repainting – where strategies re-edit themselves after a period of time to change the buys and sells it wouldve made. E.g. strategies can give false, higher than actual returns.

Studies are implementations of strategies that you can plot graph items to indicate different things such as buy points, sell points, frequency, volume indicators etc.. With studies you can also set alerts so that when a item is graphed, you will receive an alert. This lets you create very technical implementations and up the the minute automation.


See this page for a example in Forex

Forex/BTC Automated trade