NEOUSDT Pair on Binance

Using an algorithm that utilizes momentum swings. I generated a solid 30% profit in 29 trades for the month of March.

Proof of Trade:

April 23, 2018NEO/USDTSell77.522market3.22%
April 23, 2018NEO/USDTBuy75.066market
April 23, 2018NEO/USDTSell77.228market4.27%
April 22, 2018NEO/USDTBuy74market
April 22, 2018NEO/USDTSell75.422market0.19%
April 21, 2018NEO/USDTBuy75.279market
April 20, 2018NEO/USDTSell75.258market3.47%
April 20, 2018NEO/USDTBuy72.694market
April 19, 2018NEO/USDTSell73.1market1.58%
April 19, 2018NEO/USDTBuy71.957market
April 18, 2018NEO/USDTSell69.076market4.27%
April 17, 2018NEO/USDTBuy66.188market
April 16, 2018NEO/USDTSell66.228market2.01%
April 16, 2018NEO/USDTBuy64.913market
April 16, 2018NEO/USDTSell64.835market-4.43%
April 15, 2018NEO/USDTBuy67.772market
April 14, 2018NEO/USDTSell64.039market1.45%
April 14, 2018NEO/USDTBuy63.12market
April 13, 2018NEO/USDTSell64.703market0.94%
April 13, 2018NEO/USDTBuy64.1market
April 12, 2018NEO/USDTSell62.136market7.96%
April 12, 2018NEO/USDTBuy57.379market
April 9, 2018NEO/USDTSell51.959market0.50%
April 9, 2018NEO/USDTBuy51.701market
April 8, 2018NEO/USDTSell48.2market1.70%
April 8, 2018NEO/USDTBuy47.389market
April 8, 2018NEO/USDTSell47.13market1.65%
April 7, 2018NEO/USDTBuy46.36market

I’ve been using the longs on binance for a while with Triple RMI. Just a brief guide to the pair:

Triple RMI settings. For access to triple RMI from trading view reach out to MVPMC for his study:  – Really great scripts he has going on.

Here are my settings:

I’m only using longs for the trades. Lately this last week, we’re actually really bad on the shorts. I believe it is because of the crazy bull market. Its still getting amazing entries on the longs and that is why I keep this script running. This has been one of my most profitable scripts so far with almost no losses.

I also contrary to suggestions. Don’t use pyramiding with this pair as in the picture, the reason being:

a) I actually tested both sides and it nearly makes the same amount from day 1 of back tested results

b) No margin trading on binance

A couple of notes of caution:

Holding NEO would have also profited you a lot as well. We’re not exiting at the most optimal entries because of the market conditions having multiple big rises, our rmi settings will go short after just one. You can see the current strategies section to see my accuracy decline going into the bull run. I believe these settings will be great during normal market conditions. Either way having 1 trade wrong in 29 trades is quite impressive.

I can’t say the same thing when the market turns into a crazy bearish market. That has yet to be tested. I believe my settings were made in a slightly bearish market so perhaps we’ll still get some decent results. I don’t see it even losing many long trades consistently.


If you guys want me to provide more settings and proof of trades like this, please donate to me or contribute to our community in the discord groups for autoview and cmyk. Right now I spend weeks tweaking and back testing and finding pairs with other members. I don’t like to publish settings without having proof first. The goal would be to have people donate their profits and not subscribe to something without seeing proper results.


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