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I really liked the strategy I employed here. I came to the conclusion that with the 1 minute chart we can get extremely accurate trades as seen below. The settings work during the larger time period of 1-2 months before we need to alter the script. Here is a collection of my trades and notes for March to April. We can see at the end of April we had some bad results, although we had some serious gains at the start. I’ll start a new Entry for next month with new settings with my findings.

The entries are extremely accurate and profitable, although if the larger rhythm changes suddenly we need to correct the settings.

Triple RMI

See here for an explanation of this strategy. TradingView only lets me have data from about 10-12 days. I can only post screenshots of my results for those days.

Time Frame:

2018-03-26 05:10 – 2018-04-28 12:19


XBTUSD – Bitmex

Bitmex has a problem with Server overloading, and therefore not every trade has been executed properly. However all the close signals function properly regardless of server overloading which is most vital, because if I miss a trade I potentially just miss out some games, but if I miss a close, I can be easily at a loss. There are also two different factors not listed in the screenshot. I’m doing a 10x margin trade on every trade.


Update 04-15:

These are the results of 04-02 to 04-15. We still have a high Percent profitable. Although not a crazy net profit

Update 04-21:

updated the algorithm with a superior one that can follow trailing profits. E.g. will not exit positions prematurely until the whole run up or down is done. This led to a higher accuracy.

HOWEVER – huge bull swing on bitcoin disrupted the profits severely. Combined with a server overload – the bitmex exchange which I use for trading occasionally has too many transactions/orders happening and some dont go through. So there was a giant swing up that the algorithm shorted instead of longed, eventually it fell and I shouldve recovered but because of the server error I lost way more than I should. That being said the rest of the trades during the week were almost 90% accurate.

Here is the image to illustrate the problems

As you can see Short B, and Short D where really off, I also missed short H which would’ve profited. The reasoning behind all of this, is that the giant bullish movement doesnt reflect the state of things on RSI and RMI. We’re way overbought but because overall we’re in a bullish movement we didnt readjust. I think a great indicator of the bullish movement were the alts in bitcoin. (Alts mean other crypto exchanges e.g. VEN/BTC, ETC/BTC). This is my TA.

Update 04-28:

Part of my mission is to provide unaltered results. As it saddens me to have bad results on this pair, I admit that I did. We’ve actually hit a really bad snag this week with a couple of really bad days

This picture shows the study slowly fixing itself with the long entries. In my opinion things like the giant bull trend combined with exchanges like bitmex with the ability to margin much more with tons of liquidations affect this movement. We’ve been discussing how to really fix these movements. In my opinion I think we’re safe now.

The longs and the shorts were severely affected by bursts like these. To an observer it is clear that we need to have a correction after a movement like this, so on the next short movement we also again exited incorrectly. This was early week, we’re back on track these last two days with regular profits. So I’ll continue running the script.


NEOUSDT – Binance

Binance only allows simple buying and selling, so I’m actually only profiting half as much as what is listed here. Maybe a bit less if the shorts are outperforming the longs

Update: 04-15

NEOUSDT has actually been the worst of all the trades. We’ve been going downhill in performance for shorts.

As you can see we’ve gotten really bad results in Shorts. The latest movements are really poor as you can see. Luckily I’ve only been doing longs by regularly buying so I’m profiting still fortunately, just definitely not as much as I can.

Update 04-21:

Same sentiments as last week.

More profits, upgraded algorithm is good, but we I think its a bit suboptimal, if we held onto NEO this week we probably wouldve made the same amount. Either way profits are profits 🙂

Update 04-28:

Continued performance. I actually had a huge decline from the same movement from bitcoin, but we lost about 7% on one trade. But otherwise I continued to make consistent gains to still be net positive. We’re still not completely in sync with the market, but since we’re still bullish and only running longs we are still very profitable. See my NEOUSDT for a full results list previously. I believe we’re doing something like 31/34 trades positive.

Triple RMI with Manual Closing


GOLD – 1Broker

Trading on 40x Margin. I found gold to be excellent for accuracy. 1Broker charges 0.6 Spread which does cut into it, but theres no transaction fees.

Update: 04-15

There was 13 closed trades listed there, most of them just pyramiding. Theres been 10 more open Longs listed on Gold. at around $1334 Its now in the 1340s so still at 100% accuracy

Update: 04-21

Just a small trade for a quick 20% because gold was low, we’ve entered long for a long time

2018-04-12 16:23 1335.14

We peaked a bit above 1354, with 50x margin, I made a few trades in when it touched 1335. We’re still 100% accurate.

Update: 04-28

There is a bit of inaccuracy this week with Gold as well. We have a large bear movement. I opened some longs further down. Debating to ride it out or withdraw, my sentiments are to withdraw my positions now. We still had one good trade in







BA – 1Broker

Trading on 15x Margin. Right now I’m pretty sure because of the trade wars, my latest long is currently down, so although this has been 100% I’m unsure of the most recent trades listed here. I’m manually opening most of these according to the algorithm as opposed to having the algorithm open the trades then closing like I am for Gold above.

Update 04-15:

The last short entry was accurate but a bit suboptimal, I bought in more at the next few indicators as we can see in the yellow triangles.

Update 04-21:

No update actually, no trades happened.

Update 04-28:

Just one trade. Not bad

NVDA – 1Broker

Same as above

Update 04-15:

Two more entries closed. Hre are the profits. In total, NVDA is now at 43% profit. Still 100% accuracy.

7 Entry Long LONG ENTRY :: C 2018-04-02 15:29 220.11 66750 511151.70 €

4.24 %
Exit Long Close entry(s) order LONG ENTRY :: C 2018-04-03 09:31 229.62
8 Entry Long LONG ENTRY :: D 2018-04-04 13:12 220.18 69274 334584.03 €

2.67 %

Update 04-21:

Still sitting at 100%. I actually made that short on the 18th, and sold on the 19th, easy 45% gain.

I made a few orders like this.

Update 04-28:

A Long April 24 – April 26 profited 23%

But a huge bull movement calling a few  bad shorts on NVDA made it about even. I closed these trades but I’ll see what the trade makes on the chart when they play out. Lets see if I regret this:

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