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Learn how to write a 5 minute crypto tracker website

Interested in seeing price changes? Want to learn a bit about programming? You can follow this guide to create a tracker website with almost no programming experience nor tools but your browser. This post we will teach you the basics of tracking your favorite tokens through a simple javascript html page.

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Connecting an API

Lets get started with the API. The API documentation of what we’re using from coin market cap can be found here:

APIs are interfaces for data feeds that come from companies and applications


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Triple RMI Strategy

Lets investigate a trading strategy. In this post we’ll cover a strategy called RMI. We will explain the logic and later we’ll include examples and cover some back testing.

What is RMI

The Relative Momentum Index (RMI) — a moving average-based overbought/oversold indicator that can remain overbought or oversold for much longer periods than its fellow members of the oscillator family — is a factor we often consider when forming trade recommendations. Unlike the more commonly observed Relative Strength Index (RSI), which measures short-term instances in which stocks are overbought (or oversold) that might cause a temporary interruption in the prevailing trend, a high RMI level can often be an indicator of a positive price trend that can persist for many months.


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