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Not knowing where to start? I really recommend using TradingView. TradingView is platform where traders, especially crypto traders nowadays, post ideas and comment on market trends.


Be warned there are a lot of novice trader advice here. Most predictions are just random people with not much track record. However, its still great as a resource to understand the dynamics of trading.

Trading Groups on Discord and TelegramTelegram

For cryptocurrency and trade advice. There are so many communities online. Telegram which is a relatively new messaging app is a hot in the crypto community because of their support and backing in their own token.

I followed a few traders and eventually fell into different communities. Some of them were algorithmic traders, its nice to see community involvement where people share ideas and results. You can look on tradingview and see people/traders post their own followings. If you do some research on google, chances are you’ll see a link to telegram or discord.

If you are into technical side like me, discord and telegram communities offer a great resource for talking to amateurs, professionals, and other people with like interest. Even if you’re not technical, don’t be shy and reach out and talk.


Tools and Automation



Currently using this chrome add-on there is some limitation. It also encouraged me to learn PineScript in TradingView which became very useful for trading.


I didn’t like the high cost of this platform, the fees are pretty hefty. I ended up using it for a bit, using a bollinger band pivot strategy. Although it probably did the worst I’ve ever seen in a algorithm, completely my fault though.